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For new business development markets:

Green Builders  Mobile health industry   Health foods   Baby products
Translation services  Digital forensic security  Application developer

For traditional businesses:

painter   home remodeling   auto care  plumber  floral  restaurant
pest control  pet care  sewing   chiropractor  landscape /lawncare
contractor   cleaning service  flooring co and many more to come.

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Before making a purchase a good business owner considers well the overall cost of the product or service.

Trying to create a website system is both time consuming and expensive to maintain for the average consumer whom has little or no technical experience.
A website is no more than an electronic storefront for your business.

Consider the investment in an traditional storefront with rent, utilities, inventory, employees, insurance, advertising, sales, materials, supplies, etc. Now that you have created your dream you now hand it over-building and all to a relative, neighbor, friend or a someone else who tells you that they can run your business, right?

In a sense, this is a common situation for a business person who is an expert in their field, but decides to award the job of creating a business website to someone else, a family member, neighbor, friend, etc. who know a little about websites.
Some website companies today fail to perform and do shoddy work and no matter what they charge for the service it is too much! Others just go out of business for a variety of reasons and a business owner is left with a website that can not be updated or changed.
Invest your hard earned money in a professional website developer and you will get the financial results you hope for in business. St. Louis Metropages builds websites so the you can sell your products and services to the public-on the internet.
Having an online presence today is not enough. Your web site should be optimized for the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., and optimization means that your website is tuned up for high performance.

The name of the game on the internet is to have a website that is ranked high for your industry – preferably page 1.

The internet climate is constantly changing with new websites added every hour and new search rules and updates continuously changing the landscape; therefore, a smart business person hires a professional web designer to stay far ahead of the competition – period.