7 Secrets To Easy Website Profits…

Selling Your Own Products/Services.

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Step #1 Get The Domain Name

This is the name that you want to use for the website. You can use the name of your business, or the name of a specific service/product that you sell. For example: HandymanService.com or JSmithHandyman.com,etc.

To get a domain name, you have to pay an annual fee to a registrar for the right to use that name. You can also purchase domains in multiple year sets, as in 2 yr, 5 yr and 10 yr for cost savings.

#2. Hire a Web Hosting company.

A web host company employs one or multiple computer servers connected to the Internet.
When you place (or park) your web pages on their computers, then every person on earth connected to the internet can view them. You will need to sign up for an account with a web hosting service so that your website has an electronic home or a parking space.

Saint Louis Metro Pages is a full service hosting company.

Brainy Gameplan

Step #3. Create a brainy gameplan using your industry keywords.

Before your build your website do your research! Identify and compile all keywords/keyphrases used for your service, industry or profession. One serious fact in business is competition. The internet business world is as competitive as the physical world. A full parking lot or a long line at your competitors store front is a clear sign of a strong business operation at work-right?

You can also check up on your competition online. Do a search for your industry/service and see what company listing shows up on the first page. If your competition is listed as #1 or even #10 then you want to begin studying their website information. This one step may mean the difference between success or failure of your website.

A growing business needs new customers to continue. The smart competitor knows this principle so they identify and include all the necessary keywords to attract online shoppers to their website.

Saint Louis Metro Pages offers full keywords keyphrase research for all industries and services.

Writing icon Saint Louis Metro Pages.com

Step #4. Use strong, clear writing to collect new customers daily.

Writing your webpages is just like writing a good letter. You need an outline to follow and then just do your best to answer the following questions as you compose each page:

Use an outline to organize your thoughts

1) What's in it for the reader? (Consider what a visitor may be thinking of as they read your webpage,ie.,”why should I buy from you?”)

2) Why is this service/product so different from any other on the market? What makes your company/product special?

3) How will it improve the reader's lifework/education/finances/health? Think about the benefits that your service/product offers. Our product saves you money because...

4) Why can't the competition match it? Why are you different from your competition?

5) What do you want the reader to do next? Encourage your reader to take action in some manner: Call now to place your order * Call with questions * Call for an appointment * Request a free sample * Fill out a quotation form * Visit our showroom, etc.

Step #5. Design your webpages

Once you have secured your domain name and web hosting company your next step is the website design. VERY IMPORTANT - if you are building a website for your business I strongly recommend that you hire a pro.

Website Design Icon Saint Louis Metro Pages

Unless you are a webmaster - hire the right person for the job of building a website for your business.
Many claim to have the skills to create and develop a website - but before you trust anyone to do this for you - PLEASE review their website work, their internet work history, website performance data and any customer testimonials or comments.


You will need a reliable, accountable relationship with a webmaster so that website updates and changes can be made at any time. Search engines must be able to access all pages of your website. Your site should look good on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones or Google will give you low ranking scores. Slow loading pages and web pages with error codes usually get low rankings as well.

Webpage design is only a part of the overall construction system that makes any website successful.

Your webmaster should have expert knowledge in the use of the following components required to build a website.

-Domain name selections (Top & lower level dos & don't’s)
-Sub-domains; parked and add-on domains
-Complete list of keywords and long tail keyphrases used in your industry/service
-Website hosting services contracts, bandwidth and storage space fees
-Webpage anti-spam protection
-Index page title, description and keyword meta tag requirements
-Best practices for static page or content management style (cms) format websites
-How to write basic website copy for your target audience
-Keyword advertising PPC
-Minimum index page design requirements
-Website registration/submission to major search engines and directories
-Global DNS Probagation
-Search engines webpage ranking formulas
-Responsive website design RWD
-Search engine optimization SEO
-Webpage shopping carts/payment providers

Step #6 Website Links (or Hotlinks)

Weblinks are an absolute necessity for any business with a website system. Website links are the connectors or bridges to other webpages. Today the social media system has become a giant among internet players.

Weblink icon Saint Louis Metro Pages

LinkedIn is the largest professional online network today with 350 million users! I recommend every business owner to have a professional bio on linkedIn. LinkedIn is a reliable resource for reviewing the work history of possible job applicants or to study the company profile history for pending purchase decisions.

Facebook allows friends, family and business people to share comments and pictures of anything of interest at anytime. Spread over the world FB has 1.4 billion users. You can have both a personal Facebook page and a page for a business. Advertising is available for account holders starting at just $5.00

Twitter using the # symbol together with other letters to form an ID, a person can broadcast a short message, including pictures, around the globe instantly. Twitter active users exceeds 288 Million.

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